Senior Superlatives: Who Won?

Ben Haug, Writer

As the school year begins to wrap up and seniors at BHS begin to get antsy about graduation, they also start to reflect over their time in high school. At the beginning of February, seniors came together to vote on senior superlatives to be put in the yearbook. A senior superlative is an award to honor both the serious and funny aspects of the class given to two seniors who receive the most votes. Some of these are most athletic, best friends, and worst senioritis. In total, there are 10 superlative titles that have been awarded this year. Here are the senior superlatives for the class of 2020:


Most Athletic:

Anne Wagner

Chris Hill


Most likely to be an influencer:

Anijah Barringer

Edris Roman


Best friends:

B.B. Elkin

Molly Callihan

Sofia Flores


Most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse:

Reggie Jeffrey

Zach Rahaman


Worst drivers:

Charles Capps

Paige Whinery


Most creative:

Ben Haug

Contessa Smith


Class clowns:

Arionne Martin

Jordan Mitchell


Worst senioritis:

Danielle Deimeke

Jack Otten


Best dressed:

Marco Mathon

Zoe Krause


Most likely to travel the world:

Madison Lawrence

Mackenzie Marentette


These seniors are excited about receiving these awards and cannot wait to celebrate them in the 2020 yearbook. Hooray class of 2020!