2021 Senior Superlative Winners!


Eloise Ayotte, Assistant Editor

The time to say goodbye to the beloved class of 2021 is rapidly approaching. As the seniors get ready to leave the nest, they begin to reflect on their time at Brentwood. One fun way for the seniors to reminisce on their time here at Brentwood is by voting for senior superlatives winners. Senior superlatives are fun or genuine titles given to senior class members and are decided by their fellow classmates.

This year there were 15 senior superlatives awarded, and here are the winners:

Best Dressed:

Caroline Gombas, Latrel Decoy 

Best Athlete:

Cody Hughes, Xavier Lane, Kathleen Clay

Ugliest Car:

Morgan Nelson 

Class Clown:

Jeremy Forman

Life of the Party:

Michael Jones, Tranette Hill, Alex Ridings 

Most likely to be an activist/change the world:

Ceci Rogers, Lydia Strieker, Amelia Ayotte 

Most likely to be an evil scientist?

Miles Davis 

Funniest Laugh:

Bridget Fitzgerald, Zoey Tonis, Jocelyn White 

Best Snapchat Story:

Finn Schuh 

Biggest Flirt:

Trey Watson 

Worst Driver:

Lydia Strieker, Aleksandr Muradov 

Cutest Couple that Never Was:

Bryde McClure, Kenzie Murray 

Most Likely to Run for Office:

Zoe Arrindell, Maya Sabeh 

Most likely to move to Mars when Elon Musk gets Spacex running?

Landis Bargatze, Ben Brown, Ben Greiner

Most likely to live off the grid?

Thomas Suntrup, Bella Lancaster


Congratulations to all the winners and good luck class of 2021!