What you need to know for to HOCO


Haylie Minshall, Staff Reporter

It’s finally time for this year’s homecoming! The theme for the dance is fantasy and fairy tales. The staff at The Nest are so excited to see everyone come out and have a magical night. As usual, dances come with rules so let’s start by ensuring everyone knows what they are. 

The event will be in the commons area by the gym, and the patio outside will also be open for people. 

Unfortunately, Brentwood is not having outside guests this year due to covid.

Masks must be worn at all times except when dining.

Food must be eaten outside.

Dancing is allowed, only on the track. 

Hopefully, everyone can be super cooperative with these rules, and Brentwood can have a super fun night. It’s no secret everyone is looking forward to homecoming! Let’s make this a night to remember!