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Netflix Vs. Disney Plus


There are many genres of movies that everyone loves to watch, whether that’s horror, comedy, romance, sci-fi, etc. But choosing a good streaming service can be hard to decide. Two of the biggest ones are currently in a race to see which is number one. Netflix, which has always been a great source to find unique quality content, or Disney Plus, the new up and running hit with all the shows and movies you watched when you were younger.

With Disney Plus now available, Netflix has real competition. Both have a vast array of content but each with its own unique touch. Netflix has always been the number one go-to when trying to find a good movie or show to binge-watch, but will Disney Plus pass it up with all the new content available that people haven’t seen in years?

Here’s what a few Brentwood students think about the new streaming controversy: 

Senior Kathryn Vandenhoek states she likes “Disney Plus more fo sho cause they got all the OG stuff man.” 

Sophomore Kya Hawthorne says, “I like both, but Netflix has all the movies so I’d pick that most likely.” 

Junior Xavier Lane states, “I like Disney Plus more because it has a wider range of movie choices and TV series.” 

Senior Zoë Berken says, “I’ve had Netflix forever and I just got Disney Plus but honestly Netflix is going downhill, all the good stuff is getting removed.” 

Sophomore Samantha Morton states, “Netflix was here first and it will always be first. The amount of nights I have spent binge-watching Netflix is insane. You can’t binge-watch all your feelings away with Disney Plus; it’s not the same.” 

Junior Jack Hampel says, “Netflix because it has more shows that I like and I don’t want to pay for Disney Plus when I already have Netflix.”

Lastly, Freshman Jazzy Herrera states, “I like Disney Plus because they have old movies on there that you don’t even remember watching.”

The Brentwood students have mixed emotions on which they prefer. After adding up all the answers received, Disney Plus had a few more than Netflix. Those who prefer Netflix said it has been around longer and it has a wide variety of movies and shows. But for Disney Plus, they said they like being able to watch all their childhood favorites. 

There are issues with both, though, making it hard to like one over the other. For Netflix, the main issue is that they keep removing shows and movies that are favorites. Disney Plus, however, doesn’t have as big of an issue, they just haven’t been able to add all their movies/tv-shows yet due to other contracts still open. Netflix has over 148 million subscribers after 10 years and Disney Plus has over 10 million subscribers in only a month. The number of movies on Netflix has decreased by over 2,000 but the number of new tv shows is increasing.

Interestingly enough, Disney Plus also only costs $6.99 a month, whereas Netflix costs about $10.99 each month. Netflix will really need to up their game in order to stay in the competition.

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