Break extended to ensure safety and comfortability of students

The foreign language hallway in the main building of the high school in which old tiles meet new temporary flooring.

Jonas Wall, Assistant Editor

Cement floors and a lingering smell of mastic remover greeted Brentwood students as they arrived back from break last Tuesday morning. Over the winter break, the majority of tile flooring in the hallways was removed to reveal a layer of asbestos tile. 

The asbestos was quickly removed by the company Thornburg Construction. They used a product called low odor mastic remover to remove the tile and, after the building was closed up over break, the fumes strengthened and lingered. 

Brentwood Superintendent, Brian Lane, reassured parents and students in a newsletter on Monday the 6th that there was no danger from the lingering odor caused by the mastic remover stating “Though some pockets in the hallways may still have lingering traces of an odor, this will be limited and should not affect the learning in our classrooms.” 

Many students rejoiced in having an extended break. Sophomore Mya Lucas said, “Missing a day of school didn’t really affect me that much because it felt like we were still on break.” 

Teachers like French teacher Madam Hood thought that postponing school was the wisest decision: “I was glad not to be in the building with the fumes,” said Hood. 

Construction workers have since installed temporary flooring to help remove the odor. The flooring will remain until decisions are made on new tiling. 

Some of the original tiles remain; Dr. Lane says, “It is still to be determined when the actual tiles will be installed. It has also not been determined when the rest of the floor will be removed. It may not be until summer. ”

Maintenance has installed air purifiers throughout the hallways to mitigate the odor and improve breathing quality.

Some students have complained about the mastic remover odor. Senior Reggie Jeffrey said about the odor, “The fans have helped but it is still pretty strong. I definitely walk a little faster to get to classes now.” 

Others haven’t been bothered by the odor, Freshman Max Pulliam said, “ I haven’t been affected in anyway by the odor”

While each week at Brentwood brings its own new set of changes and challenges, classes have continued to run smoothly as both students and faculty learn to adapt to school life in a construction zone.

The Nest will continue to provide regular updates on the construction here at Brentwood High School.