High School Sweethearts

Valentine’s Day is here, and everyone knows those high school sweethearts that you love to loathe. Although you’re envious, you want to know how they got there, how they feel about each other, and what goes on with them every time they’re together. Lucky for you, I’m going to tell you all about some of Brentwood’s cutest couples, from two athletes that just celebrated their one year anniversary to a junior and a senior who don’t want to talk about graduation closely approaching. These modern fairytale couples show that you’re never too young to love.


Penny and Ian 

Penny (left) and Ian (right) stroll up to their first hoco together as a couple!

A whole year has passed since Penny Herrera (sophomore) and Ian Lawrence (sophomore) started dating, and they’re stronger than ever.

“I like Ian because he is someone who, if you don’t ever really get to know, then you honestly don’t know what you’re gonna miss out on,” said Herrera. “He is the goofiest and most loving person you could ever meet. He is my best friend.” It’s evident that Penny loves Ian, and Ian loves Penny. When Lawrence said, “I like her eyes, and I really like her personality, and I love to be around her goofy self,” it was something out of a fairytale. While Ian thinks that Penny is perfect in every way, she has complaints of her own. Penny doesn’t like it when Ian doesn’t take her seriously. “I also don’t like it when he refuses to wipe his mouth!”

Although you might absolutely love your significant other, it’s important what your family thinks of them too. “My parents have grown to really like Ian and they think he is hilarious when he bursts out and starts to sing country,” Penny says. Ian said that his mom likes Herrera a lot and tells him that she misses her occasionally.

According to Penny, Ian is good at any sport, and she enjoys being able to support him and motivate him in everything he does. Ian thinks it’s pretty cool that they’re both athletes because when she struggles, “I how it feels not to succeed when you go out on that mat or court or field.” Says Ian.

Every couple might experience jealousy once in a while, Ian has gotten jealous before, and he says that’s just because he cares about Penny. He has realized that it’s a waste of time being jealous because he knows that she is loyal. “I realized that Ian’s great, and I’m lucky he chose to be stuck with me.” Said Penny.


Everyone’s wishing someone would look at them the way Marco (right) looks at Anne(left)!

Marco and Anne

Seniors Marco Mathon and Anne Wagner were friends for a month before they began dating for the last three years. Wagner and Mathon sat next to each other in algebra freshman year. “Marco moved away from me because he didn’t know me,” said Anne. For their first date they went to Cici’s Pizza.

Since they’re both incredible athletes, it was only right to ask them who would win in a race. According to Wagner, Mathon would win but she can most definitely jump farther.

It seems like in the past three years these two have gone on a lot of adventures and made a lot of memories. Marco says: “My favorite memory is from last summer when I went to Universal Studios with Anne and spent time with her and my family.” Having similar music interest is good for this couple because Anne’s favorite memory is when Marco got her tickets to the “Tyler the Creator” concert. 

To Anne having her friends and her sister approve of Marco is really important to her because they want what’s best for her. 

Although Marco loves Anne he says, “I hate it when she turns down my music.”Anne hates when Marco burps in her face or when he bites his fingernails.

Although these two are unsure about their future, they’re having fun living in the now.


Jaidyn and Jacob

Jaidyn (right) and Jacob (left) getting ready to dance the night away at homecoming!

Jaidyn Russell (senior) and Jacob Wathall (junior) have been dating for a year and four months and are happier than ever. They met at the beginning of school last year at lunch when he gave her a bunch of dead flowers. They talked for a month before they started dating but they hit it off instantly. “The fondest memory I have of “Jaidy” was the day I asked her out, the best decision I ever made,” Wathall said. For Valentine’s Day, they’re gonna watch movies and eat food just like their first date. 

Good for this happy couple, their parents really like each other, “I’m convinced my mom loves him more than she loves me,” Russell says. According to Jacob, his parents love Jaidyn because they see how much she does for him. 

When Jaidyn graduates they won’t be able to see each other every day. This will be very difficult for the couple because if you see one of them the other is close behind. “We always had at least 1 class a day together, but I am going to be such a proud boy when I see her graduate,” Wathall said.

When asked what he likes most about Jaidyn, Jacob told us that he loves her amazing smile. With all the love between them, you would probably think that they admire everything about each other, but that’s not true. “I hate it when he pokes my sides because I’m so ticklish and he knows that,” Russell remarks.

With Jaidyn’s graduation coming up they’ve already started planning for their future.

“I see us living in a nice house with our pups and living our best life making our “shmoney” going on adventures together traveling the world,” says Jaidyn. Jacob says that he sees more fun adventures and laughs with Jaidyn by his side helping him through all of the rough times and smiling through the fun times.


Jordan and Raquel

No filter needed when Raquel (left) and Jordan (right) take a selfie!

Lastly, Jordan Shields (sophomore) and Raquel Brock (sophomore) have only been dating for 4 months and they’re already a fan favorite. For their first date, they went to the movies at the Galleria. They don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans but they’re trying to hang out this weekend, maybe go to the movies and the ferris wheel downtown. 

In the short time they’ve been dating, Jordan and Raquel have made so many memories. “My favorite memory would have to be her coming over for the first time, watching Disney movies together and chilling,” says Jordan. Raquel says, “I love just staying up super late and talking on the phone for hours.” 

Supportive friends and family are very important to a relationship, lucky for Shields, Brock’s parents don’t have a problem with him at all, they like him and they think he’s super sweet and respectful. Jordan mentioned that his parents think she’s extremely kind and respectful, they have no complaints about her at all. Friends are also important to a relationship since they care about who their friends spend time with, too, “I don’t really have a problem with them. They’re cool,” Raquel says. Raquel might like Jordan’s friends but Jordan says, “Her friends are alright, gonna be honest a few I don’t like but the rest are pretty cool.”

When asked what their favorite thing about each other is, Raquel said, “He’s just super sweet and he’s such a gentleman. He’s always so respectful towards me. I also love it when he smiles, because I get to see his cute little dimple. I also adore his little curls!” Jordan says that Raquel is a really nice and caring person, “she’s the person I can go to about anything and she’s there to listen to me, she’s the sweetest girl I’ve had the pleasure to ever meet.” Being in a new relationship can have some pros and cons, although they enjoy each other’s company they do have a few things they don’t always like about each other. It bothers Jordan when Raquel is too nice: “whenever she’s mad or when people are mean to her she just lets it slide.” One thing that Raquel dislikes about Jordan is that he holds in his feelings a lot and it’s very hard to get him to talk about it.

No one knows what the future holds for this new couple, but they both see a lot of fun and happiness.


Happy Valentine’s to all the sweethearts have an amazing day and keep being an inspiration to everyone.