Which Brentwood Teacher Are You? Part 2



What Brentwood teacher are you? Take the quiz to find out.

Did you take the “Which Brentwood Teacher Are You” quiz? Did you get Coach Hughes, Mrs. Smoller, Mr. Hamdan, or Ms. Jansen? Coming in at first with the most results was Coach Hughes with 57 people. In second, it was Ms. Jansen with 40 people. In third, it was Mrs. Smoller with 32 people, and last but not least was Mr. Hamdan with 21 people. Brentwood may be tiny, but there are more than just those four awesome teachers! We are here to bring you part two, with four brand new teachers to match your personality. In this quiz, you have the chance to figure out whether or not you are more like Mrs. Haug, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Abshier, or Coach Long. Click the link below to take part two of “Which Brentwood Teacher Are You?” Let us know if we should do a part three, and which teachers you would like to see next!