Touchdown for Jaylon Shields: A signing celebration



Jaylon Shields guards the ball and makes a run down the field (Lifetouch). Shields graduated with the class of 2020.

Brentwood’s 2020 senior class has had an incredibly successful year in terms of athletic scholarships and team signings. The most recent addition to the list of soon to be college athletes is Jaylon Shields. MacMurray College signed Shields to their football program on Wednesday the 26th. Football has been a passion of Shields his entire high school career. “Being a part of the Brentwood football team has made me improve myself greatly on and off the field,” said Shields. Macmurray is a private college in Jacksonville, Illinois, home of the highlanders. Shields is looking forward to attending MacMurray saying, “I’m excited to experience what it is like to play for a college team.” Brentwood is sad to lose Jaylon, but so excited to see him succeed at MacMurray!