Meet Ms. Biever!


Ms. Biever

Meet Ms. Biever! One of the new teachers at Brentwood middle and high school!

Kaylyn Schuh, Staff Reporter

Brentwood High School gained a couple of new teachers this year, one of them being Elizabeth Biever. 

Ms. Biever is a very bubbly, positive, and easy-going person. She went to college at Missouri State University and studied Family and Consumer Science. This will be her first year as a teacher, but she said that she’s excited to be here and meet new people. 

Ms. Biever really likes forming connections with others and she’s very friendly.

“I like all the students I’ve met so far, and I can’t wait to meet everyone in person,” she said.

Starting class online wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she decided to start teaching, but she’s getting used to the odd situation. 

The classes that Ms. Biever will be teaching are 6th and 7th-grade Exploratory Family and Consumer Science (FACS), 8th-grade FACS, Foods 1, Sewing 1, and Family Living.

“I am most excited about family living and sewing,” she said. “Sewing gives such neat opportunities to learn about new techniques and to display student creativity. Family Living is great because the students get the chance to explore topics that are relevant in their own lives.”

Although she’s new, Ms. Biever is also forming a club called the Grub Club where they’ll be talking about new recipes and cooking all sorts of food. 

Brentwood is super happy to welcome Ms. Biever as a new staff member, and she’s happy to be here.