Return to Learn


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Academic students learning online on computer and smartphone: e-learning and online courses concept

With the return to in-person learning rapidly approaching, emotions are running high. Many are excited about finally being back in person, while others are beyond nervous. No matter how excited or nerve-wracking going back to school is, one thing is for sure: There any many questions and concerns about the return to learn

Recently, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ayotte released a video (attached below), breaking down the new procedures and protocols put in place to keep the Brentwood community as safe as possible.

While this video certainly answers many questions and hopefully eases some nerves, Dr. Ayotte and Dr. Johnson still had some words of wisdom to share with the Brentwood community.

Dr. Ayotte said, “We think we’ve come up with several really good systems. Our system for the morning is really solid. We have prepared tons of new furniture and plexiglass throughout the building. The lunch spread out is as best we can do. Only about 40% of the school will be at any one lunch. We have many precautions that we have done a good job with from start to finish.”

Dr. Ayotte went on to state, “What everyone will find once we get back in the buildings is that we have more space than we had before. Construction is not affecting the learning space in any capacity. The classrooms are mostly done and bigger, and most of the construction now is for the new building. The workers are outside and not inside, leaving more space for learning and yes social distancing, too.”

Both Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ayotte want to stress just how excited they are to see everyone back in person again on November 10th!


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