Winter sports competition during a pandemic


Chaim Duffe-Holmes

Dominique Taylor runs down the court while adjusting her mask.

Winter sports competition at Brentwood is underway, and like everything this year, it’s a bit different than a traditional season. With empty stands, virtual live streams of competition, and mask requirements for competitors in most sports, this season will certainly be one for athletes to remember. 

When students think about a typical high school experience, they probably imagine classes, homework, friends, and school events. Classes, homework, and friendships have all been affected in their own ways, but nothing has changed quite as much as large school events.

Brentwood competes in only three sports during the winter season but does so very successfully. Both wrestling teams sent multiple wrestlers to the state tournament each year, and the boys’ basketball team had a very close loss in the regionals tournament last season. And as of last year, Brentwood has joined University City’s girl’s swim team. 

To keep everyone safe, athletes have to compete without a crowd cheering them on. Swimmer Ash Devaughn has really felt the change in competition, saying, “Competing without a crowd is really, really weird. I’m so used to the pool deck filled with coaches and the stands full of family. It feels lonely to not have my mom cheering me on in person.”

Both MSHSAA and the Brentwood athletics department have put in place their own guidelines and regulations for competitions to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Sophomore Wrestler Gabriel Powers says, “I think there are enough precautions in place; wrestling with a mask is really hard, but I suppose we’re all getting used to it.” 

Others, however, believe that more precautions could be taken to protect athletes; freshman Adrian Sabeh says, “I think the school has enough precautions with a mask mandate for all Brentwood players. I think MSHSAA should mandate it for all players, so it’s not only affecting us.” 

In a typical year, the spring semester sports of tennis, track and field, and girls soccer would follow the end of Winter sports, but instead, the seasons have been rearranged due to the loss of a typical fall season. Fall sports will now take the place of typical spring competition, and spring competition will be moved later in the semester. 

The Nest wishes all winter athletes a great season of unorthodox competition! Come back to the Nest for funky fresh stories and hot bois(especially Eloise/Nermin).