Senior Spotlight: Kathleen Clay


Bridget Fitzgerald, Staff Reporter

Kathleen Clay’s life is far from being bland.

Her time is filled with productive activities, and she can get a lot done in one day, which brings out her drive and motivation. Brentwood has been her hometown for her whole life, but after high school, she is saying her bittersweet goodbyes and will be off to conquer the Bronx, studying at Fordham. Nothing is set in stone yet, of course, because Kathleen always evaluates her options so she knows she is making the right decision. After college, if she were to live in St. Louis, it would be downtown to get a feel of the city life. But, if she had the choice to get the traveling out of her system, she has her eyes on Berlin and Greece. She recalls that her family traveled to Greece without her when she was 14, so she definitely wants to see what she missed out on.

Knowing what you want to do in life is a blessing in disguise, and Kathleen is going after what she wants. Her dream job is doing anything in the international relations field and maybe even incorporating writing with her job. She is already one step ahead with being a great writer because she loves reading, and she can fly through books faster than anyone I know. 

Another thing about Kathleen is that she can appreciate a good meal of lo mein Chinese noodles. A fun fact is that she was a vegetarian for three years but turned to orange chicken for a meal, and she never looked back ever on being a disciplined vegetarian. At the table while she eats her meal, Kathleen would love more than anything if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would share her company with her. In my opinion, I think that anyone who gets the chance to spend time with Kathleen is significantly lucky.