Staff Spotlight: Oscar Karlen


Amelia Van Uum, Staff Reporter

Oscar Karlen may not know everything he wants in his future, but he does know one thing for sure, there must be a beach. 

Although he is currently landlocked in Missouri, Karlen knows for sure that he would love an ocean lifestyle in his future.

Since he was in fifth grade, Karlen has owned hermit crabs, which have helped ease his cravings for the coast. “I saw hermit crabs for the first time in fifth grade and was instantly drawn to them. I have owned them ever since.”

Along with his crabs, Karlen lives with his parents and younger brother, who, unlike the crabs, he tends to butt heads with. Despite frequent arguments with his sibling, Karlen says that his fondest memory was of the time his entire family broke out into an “absolute anarchical” water balloon fight. He says it was so fun because it was natural chaos that made them all laugh purely. 

Next to his family and the sea, Karlen says he has a real, natural passion for the environment. Although he doesn’t see himself having a career in any environmental issues, he still believes that it is essential for people to respect. He says that his passions for the environment go hand in hand with his love for the ocean.

One of Karlen’s most recent interests has become theater. He became active with Brentwood’s theater program in the spring of 2021, taking part in their adaptation of “One Acts.” “The spring play last year was a big moment for me because it was really like the first time I’d been involved with something like that. It was kind of the first time I’d actually been in the limelight at school,” Karlen says about the experience. He also reported that he plans to continue to pursue this new interest this year and has already gotten involved with the upcoming fall play. 

Karlen says that his life motto is “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” He says that this phrase is from the Communist Manifesto and that he resonated with the idea it puts forward, so he uses it as his main mantra. 

Oceans, family, water balloons, and communism are just some of the many fascinating things you get along with the wonder that is Oscar Karlen.