Staff Spotlight: Lilly Lancaster


Amelia Spencer, Staff Reporter

Brentwood High School’s Lilly Lancaster is a very people-oriented person. She spends a lot of her time hanging out with her friends and family.

When asked about the most important moment in her life, she talked of meeting one of her closest friends, Amelia VanUum, in kindergarten, and about how that moment changed her life for the better. She now has a group of  friends in Brentwood and several friends who are now in college. She also has two cats named Reba and Stinky and one dog named Bebe and is very fond of all of them.

Lilly lives with her mom and sister and has called Brentwood home her whole life. She attended Mark Twain for elementary school and has moved up the district ladder all the way to her junior year of high school.

During the fall and winter, Lilly is a cheerleader. She also enjoys reading and listening to music. Lilly is incredibly artistic and enjoys arts and crafts. Due to this passion for art, she is looking forward to taking Sewing and Art this year.

She is also a TA for the office, which she thoroughly enjoys. Although Lilly is unsure of her long term career plans, she knows that she wants to go to college on the East Coast.

Lilly is a credit to the Journalism program at Brentwood, and will continue to use her writing skills to better our school.