Staff Spotlight: Amelia Spencer


Amelia Spencer is an involved sophomore at Brentwood High School. She takes part in debate, robotics, and tennis in the spring. Amelia also participates in band, she has been playing the violin for eight years, and she has been singing in a choir for four years. She is also taking German and art classes this school year. Amelia is very smart; she is taking pre-calc, which is rare for a sophomore. Hopefully, Amelia will continue to use her eye for art to make Brentwood a better place. 

Amelia moved to St. Louis when she was four from Washington because of her dad’s job. Amelia has two siblings that are also in the Brentwood District. Her brother, William, is in elementary school and her sister, Margo, is in middle school. Amelia is very close with her family. Something she and her family like to do together is baking. The Brentwood school district is lucky to have such a great family attending our schools.