Staff Spotlight: Christian Briscoe


Kailyn Womer, Staff Reporter

Senior Christian Briscoe moved from Valley Park in fifth grade. One of his first warm welcomes to Brentwood was fracturing his ankle during the ever-fun and exciting roller skating unit. Overall, however, he finds Brentwood to be a small and kind community. He finds the school’s recent construction to be very nice and a new and exciting change from what it was.

While not participating in too many after-school activities this year, Christian previously participated in the band and has thought about playing tennis. He played the guitar and the trumpet and considered himself to be a “mediocre trumpet player.”

To help occupy his free time, Christian says that he watches a fair amount of Netflix and other streaming services.  According to him, there is nothing good on Netflix at the moment, except, of course, for Avatar: The Last Airbender. His favorite movie series is the Scream, his favorite movie being the second movie in the series. Since Netflix has not been meeting standards, he has turned to watch a fair amount of Disney Plus. He thoroughly enjoys the Star Wars series and considers Mulan to be his favorite of the Disney Princess movies.

Christian looks forward to his time on the journalism staff and plans to go from an ‘okay’ photographer to an amazing one. And The Nest is happy to have him!