Staff Spotlight: Kya Hawthorne

Jonas Wall, Editor in Chief

Kya Hawthorne is ready to get out of Brentwood High School, start her life, and help the people around her become the best versions of themselves.

Like many prospective college freshmen, Kya isn’t exactly sure what she wants to do after high school, but she has a plan. Her first choice would be to become an athletic trainer, helping athletes reach their full potential. If that doesn’t work, Kya plans to work in a hospital as a nurse’s assistant, collecting data and attending to patients. And finally, if she finds herself being called back to her educational roots, she plans on teaching elementary school to enrich the lives of young students.

Kya is big on family. Her mom and brothers are the most important people in her life. But the love she feels for her family might just be topped by the love she has for her dog, Bailey, who she calls her “Christmas miracle.” Kya and her family adopted Bailey on Christmas day, a practice that Kya would wholeheartedly recommend. She sees Bailey being a big part of her life for a long time, “We’re gonna grow old together, said Kya.”

Kya loves to cook in her free time and frequently makes cookies, cupcakes, and bundt cakes for the people closest to her. Maybe you will be lucky enough to get to know Kya and taste one of those baked treats, but just know that in Kya’s heart, you will never be able to beat Bailey.