Staff Spotlight: Kailyn Womer



Kailyn Womer is a sophomore this year. She has been going to the Brentwood School District since she was in kindergarten. One pet peeve she has about little old Brentwood is that classes are tiny; she always sees the same people every year, saying, “I’ve known half the people here since kindergarten.” She wishes that classes were a little bigger with more students so she could meet some new friends.

She is an active member of the Brentwood community, too. Kailyn is on the swimming team, speech and debate, robotics, and student council.

Kailyn’s hobbies consist of binge-watching Netflix. She is currently watching Grey’s Anatomy for the second time. It’s one of her favorite shows. Kailyn also likes to read books. She has read so many great stories that she just can’t pick a favorite. 

The Nest is so excited to welcome this excellent student to the team!