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Brentwood Bound: What to Expect


What’s going on with the changes in Brentwood? Do Brentwood residents hear construction and wonder what it is?

Well, I can tell you. It’s a project called Brentwood BoundThis is all happening because of Green Street Real Estate, a real estate venture group chosen by Brentwood Architectural Review Board. They are building 28 miles of connected greenways and are completing the food truck plaza. 

Here’s an example they made to show the connected greenways.

This image is a Conceptual Rendering of what Brentwood Bound paths are going to look like.
This picture is from brentwoodmo.org

To fund this project, the City of Brentwood has partnered with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and Great Rivers Greenway, a regional organization helping us connect our communities through greenways, as shown earlier. MoDOT is providing $5 million of funding for road improvements. 

Jacob Barker of STL Today posted a story about the renovation project. He said, “The Brentwood Board of Aldermen is set to consider a measure that would officially tap Green Street St. Louis to redevelop the Manchester Road corridor from Mary Avenue to Hanley Road. The firm’s $400 million, the multi-year proposal would turn the strip into a regional destination, with shops, restaurants, offices, a hotel, a microbrewery, and over 600 apartments a far cry from the small storefronts and light-industrial structures that now house manufacturers, home remodeling stores and eateries.”

The project will also include more flood preventers. But how are they making these, and how will they help?

Brentwood has always had bad luck with flooding; the city has had 27 destructive floods since 1957, causing considerable property damage and safety issues. They are also adding improvements to Deer Creek, which will create more flow capacity along the creek and help elevate the water. In St. Louis from 1 flood, the Public price tag for the St. Louis floods tops $87 million. Even for just one small business in Brentwood, there was $800k in damages.

This plan will address flooding and other safety issues while bringing a long-term revenue source to our City. Residents will gain better access to parks, trails, and greenspace, connecting the community and better walking access to local shopping, restaurants, and more. As part of that mission, MoDOT is making plans to make big improvements to sidewalks along as lots of the hall as viable, including making sure the sidewalks meet people with Disabilities Act requirements. 

Brentwood Bound’s plan will remove businesses from the floodplain and reduce the chances of flooding businesses and roads in the area. Improvements to Manchester Road will add more safety with sidewalks, planned trails, and walkways. That will make the area safer, especially for pedestrians. 

Brentwood Bound might be loud, and the construction might take a while, but it will be worth it in the end. We can’t wait to see it finished.

Last August, much of Brentwood was heavily impacted by floods such as this one. (Madison Pierce)
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