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The Day in The Life of a Multisport Athlete: Logan Hawkins

With this fall’s boys’ soccer and football teams doing so well in end-of-season play, some multi-sport athletes found themselves late to their winter seasons. One of those athletes in particular, sophomore Logan Hawkins was not only playing soccer, he was running cross country and preparing to start basketball. Additionally, Logan is planning to run track this spring. This caused us to think, how do these multi-sport athletes balance it all? The Nest sat down with Logan to ask just that. What does a day in his like look like? Find out here. 

Logan Hawkins is pictured running in a cross-country meet. (Julie Cohen)

As a four-sport athlete, one way Logan balances his life is by not having any other extracurriculars outside of school sports. 

As far as his typical day, after school, he goes to practice until around 6 o’clock. 

After practice, he takes a little bit of time to relax and eat dinner around 7 p.m.

After dinner, he starts on his homework. Of course, away games and tournaments make this schedule a little harder to maintain. 

For the most part, for Logan, keeping his grades up hasn’t really been a problem as long as he stays focused on his time management. During his soccer season, his practices were only about an hour and a half each day, which meant that he could get home even earlier than six. He also ran meets with the cross country team, but those meets were on Saturdays which didn’t conflict with soccer. During basketball season, though, making time for everything has felt a little trickier because basketball practices are usually three hours long. 

“I think that it’s easier right now, but once finals come around, then that’s when it kind of gets hard,” said Logan when he spoke on this in early December. 

It’s very impressive how much one student can juggle, and we at The Nest know that Logan isn’t the only one balancing a lot. If you would like to see anyone featured in this series comment down below!

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Sariah is a sophomore. She is the fall cheer captain. She likes to listen to artists such as Frank Ocean, Sza, Polo G, Lil Durk, and Tyler the Creator. This is her first year working on the newspaper staff.

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