Getting to Know “Sum” Details About Ms. Jansen

Getting to Know “Sum” Details About Ms. Jansen

Brentwood High has been going through many changes recently from construction to getting new staff members. One of these new teachers, Ms. Jansen, is a math teacher who teaches College Prep Algebra, Algebra I/II, and Geometry.

When Ms. Jansen was a sophomore in high school, an argument with her geometry teacher about a theorem opened up her mind about math. It made her realize that she liked the logical thought that everything has a reason when it comes to math. Ms. Jansen was born and raised here in St. Louis, Missouri. She went to Truman State University, where she got her undergraduate and master’s degree. She is currently going to Maryville for her doctorate. Ms. Jansen has been teaching math for seven years. Before teaching math, she taught a computer class for two years to younger students. 

she would bring sunglasses, a pogo stick, and ice cream”

— Ms. Jansen

Ms. Jansen used to teach at a very small school where she felt disconnected from everyone. She also has experience teaching at a large school. At Brentwood, she feels in the center of everything and loves being able to get to know students and co-workers better. She says that teaching at Brentwood has been awesome so far. Everyone is supportive and helpful, and the kids are great. As for the construction, she is excited about the outcomes. The parking affair doesn’t bother her since she rides her bike to and from school. 

Ms. Jansen is a very fun, outdoorsy, bubbly person. Her hobbies include physical activities such as biking and running. In addition to being outdoorsy, she also expressed that she has a nerdy side. She enjoys playing board and video games. She also has a crafty side which includes hobbies such as sewing. Movies are something else that she enjoys. Her favorite movie is Thirteen Going on Thirty, which she says she could watch over and over again. If Ms. Jansen became stranded on an island, she would bring sunglasses, a pogo stick, and ice cream.

Ms. Jansen would like everyone to know that she is thrilled to be here. She can’t wait to see what this new year holds.