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Staying Cozy with the BHS Mental Awareness Club

Sophomores Alex Tung and Rohan Dixit happily run the Hot Chocolate Stand for the Mental Awareness Club. You can see all of the ingredients they use to prep the hot chocolate all lying on the table ready to be used.

These few weeks in December are some of the hardest for students and teachers alike; they’re cold, they’re long, and they’re right before finals. Some might even call them “The Nightmares Before Christmas”. Thankfully, Brentwood’s Mental Awareness Club realized how stressful this time is for everyone and decided to hold a little sale for students needing a relaxing treat.

The Mental Health Awareness Club is a brand new club that was made this year. It’s ran by Adrian Sabeh and Alex Tung and it’s sponsored by our school’s nurse, Ms. Russo. They’re focused on making sure that students are looking after their mental health and they’re always looking for ways to boost student morale.

During this week, the club ran its very own hot chocolate-selling stand. Regular cups ran for $2, while cups with whipped cream, marshmallows, and even sprinkles ran for just a dollar more at $3. Nurse Russo said “The students were concerned about the stress level of other students.”

Seniors Adrian Sabeh and Charles Ma run Brentwood High School’s Mental Awareness Club Hot Chocolate Stand. Sabeh is finishing up a cup of hot cocoa complete with whipped cream and sprinkles.

And the best part about this stand? All the profits are going to a great cause. At the end of the week, $294.04 had been raised and very dollar is being donated to Mental Health America, and allegedly the money is going to be matched by the organization, meaning more money will be used to help people! 

This was such a fun little sale right before finals not only for all students to enjoy, but to also raise money to help people in need. Sometimes, we all need to stop for a minute and take a break, or in this case, take a sip. 

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