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The ultimate guide to prom spirit week

Confused on what to wear next week? Find out here!

Brentwood is suiting up for one of the biggest events of the year: prom. Our school’s prom committee has made it so that the celebration lasts multiple days with our final spirit week of the year! From Monday, April 15 to Friday, April 19, everyone is encouraged to participate in spirit week with the following themes:

Soccer Moms vs. BBQ Dads Monday: You can choose to embody a dad working the grill with Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and aprons or a soccer mom with your jeans, leggings, hoodies, and vests. 

Trillionaire Tuesday: Dress like a rich person and show up in your most expensive clothing!

Walt Disney Wednesday: Show up dressed like your favorite Disney character!

2000’s Thursday: From tracksuits to low jeans and cargo pants to trucker hats, dress in your favorite styles from 2000-2009!

Pajama Friday: Finish the week in your comfiest pajamas before you get all dressed up! 

This spirit week also has a competitive twist. A poll will be sent out at the end of the week where students can vote on the best-dressed person of each day! The winners of each day will win a prize the following week. 

This year’s prom will be held on Friday, April 19, at 7:00 at the St. Louis Science Center Planetarium, and the theme is Swing into Spring. Doors will open at 6:30 and close at 7:00. Festivities will go on until 10:30, with dinner at 7:10 and Coronation of Royalty at 10:00. There will be complimentary parking and a photo booth. 

Be sure to join in this week’s festivities, and here’s to another great prom season for Brentwood!

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Sophia Lee, Staff Reporter
Sophia Lee is a senior at BHS. She does theater and is a member of StuCo. She likes acting, drawing, cartoons, and hanging out with her friends and family. This is her first year on the journalism staff.

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