Not So “Soft”ball


Maya rushes to catch the ball.

Maya Sabeh had no idea what was coming for her on September 5th; the Eagles softball game against Hancock. Maya is a junior this year at Brentwood High School. She expressed that her third year playing softball has been a fantastic season so far.

In the second inning, Maya was up to bat and was told to bunt the ball by her coach. Unfortunately, her fingers were too far up the bat, causing the ball to hit her right ring finger. She felt it smack her hand but was unaware of the severity of the injury. She continued to swing at the next pitch, and then she realized her finger was injured. When she returned to the dugout, people on her team freaked out. After that, it started to dawn on Maya what was happening. Right after the incident, Maya went straight to the emergency room. Once she was there, she found out she had an open fracture, and her bone was shattered. Due to this, the plastic surgeon had to remove her nail and give her stitches. Maya has only ever broken her pinky toe, so this new injury was something she had never experienced before.

This incident has not negatively impacted Maya’s view on softball; she is super excited to play next year. The softball team ended up losing the game, but not by much. Sadly, Maya is out for the season, but she is looking forward to next season since it will be her senior year. Overall, Maya said the team is doing excellent and she continues to go to their games to support them. Maya’s hoping to come back swinging harder than ever. 

Maya smiles for the camera with her injured finger, ouch!