2020: A Horror Movie

Ben Haug, Writer

A global pandemic, killer hornets, WWIII, and confirmed UFOs have all bombarded the globe only four months into 2020. At this point, no one knows what will come next. In order to begin preparing for the next scene of the 2020 horror film, here are some predictions from BHS students for what is to come.

One of the most prevalent fears among BHS students was the re-election of Donald Trump. Out of 8 students interviewed, 4 claimed that this would be the next part in the 2020 horror movie. These students are not alone. According to USA Today, Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped over 6 points in a month. This marks the steepest decline between two polls since Trump entered office. If this pattern continues, BHS’s fears of re-election could simply be fears and not reality.

An image of the “killer hornet” from the New York Times article cited in this article.

The next most popular fear has to do with the recent discovery of “killer hornets” in the United States. Two seniors, Edris Roman and Sofia Flores, claimed that the next horrible thing to happen in 2020 will be the hornets taking over the United States. These “killer hornets” originally come from Asia with the name: Asian giant hornets. According to the New York Times, the giant hornet queen can grow up to two inches long. Yikes! Not only are these hornets massive, but they can also wipe out an entire honey bee hive in less than an hour. These hornets are definitely a threat to bees and beekeepers alike and hopefully they do not spread across the nation. If they did, that would most certainly be the climax in the 2020 horror film.

Junior Alex Ridings predicts a sea monster like this could wipe out all of North America in one bite!

Some students had unique predictions for what is to come. Junior Alex Ridings had a simple but devastating prediction. Ridings claims that he thinks a sea monster will eat the entirety of North America in one bite. Along with a giant sea monster, junior Jeremy Forman predicts that ghosts and other supernatural entities will begin to return. He claims, “I have never heard a supernatural story that took place after 2015.” According to Forman, the next big threat will be a Halloween-like plot twist. Freshman Eloise Ayotte had a more damaging prediction. Ayotte claims she thinks there will be a global power outage in 2020. This prediction is all too real for those working at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many people have experienced wifi and other connection issues. Could this mean a power outage is next?

The final prediction comes from junior Kaylyn Schuh. Schuh’s prediction is oddly specific and equally as terrifying. Schuh predicts that there will be a nuclear conflict leading to half of the global population being wiped out while the other half become murderous zombies. When asked about why this is so detailed, Schuh responded, “I thought it sounded kinda vague.” 

According to the students at BHS, on top of the global pandemic and other unpredictable and terrible events currently taking place, some terrifying additions would be: Trump’s re-election, the spread of killer hornets, giant sea monsters, ghosts and ghouls, a global power outage, and a zombie apocalypse. Needless to say, not many people are very optimistic about the remainder of 2020. With that being said, it is vital that everyone takes time to relax and take a minute to breathe whenever they feel overwhelmed. As 2020 continues to shock the world with unpredictable events, BHS will be ready for whatever is thrown their way.