The Nest

President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris celebrate their victory with their staff.

2020 Election Update

Eloise Ayotte, Assistant Editor
November 20, 2020
Go out and vote on November 3rd!

Biden vs. Trump: The Key Issues

Eloise Ayotte, Assistant Editor
October 26, 2020
Jeremy Forman (12) cozies up with last year's edition of

Help us with our yearbook!

Justine Favazza, Student Reporter
October 7, 2020
Marco Mathon slides into home base.

2020 Senior scholarships!

Lulu Martin, Writer
May 18, 2020
Many unpredictable and terrifying things have happened in 2020. What is next?

2020: A Horror Movie

Ben Haug, Writer
May 8, 2020
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