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What’s happening with winter sports?

The entire 2019-2020 Varsity Basketball Team comes together to take an amazing picture for their school!

As you might have heard by now, it has been confirmed that Brentwood’s winter sports are officially a go. Practices for boys and girls wrestling, boys and girls basketball, winter cheer, and girls swimming will start on November 10, the day we return to in-person learning. But because of the global pandemic, there will be specific rules and guidelines that all athletes must follow for everyone to compete in their chosen sport.

Chris takes the ball down the court and focuses on his next move. (Chaim Duffe-Holmes)

First of all, there will be a daily screening put into place for all students, staff, and coaches to fill out before they can enter the school building. Masks are required for all coaches and sponsors. Athletes must also wear them in times when they are not doing high-exertion activities.

Social distancing must also be practiced whenever possible. Warmups and drills will be spaced apart as best as they can. Equipment that is used by athletes and coaches will be sanitized whenever possible and at the end of every practice and event. Student athletes must drink from either their own personal water bottle or from an individually assigned water bottle. Frequent hand washing is going to be encouraged for all athletes and coaches. If a student is displaying signs of symptoms of COVID-19, they will be dismissed from all activities, and their coaches, parents or legal guardians, along with the athletic office will be contacted.

Unfortunately, outside attendance for indoor sports is not going to be allowed. But this will be reviewed regularly and compared with County Health Guidelines to see when limited attendance will be allowed. Events will be streamed so you can view them online. The locker rooms are open for use but are discouraged. They should only be used to dress out. Sadly, handshakes, fist bumps, team huddles, and similar actions by teams are going to be prohibited.

Even with all these precautions and procedures put in place, athletes and coaches alike are excited to be back. 

Freshman basketball player Anna Jones says, “I’m excited to play my first year of high school basketball. Even with all the precautions put into place, I think we will still be able to have a fun season while staying safe.” 

Coach James Abshier, who coaches both boys and girls wrestling, says, “I am excited and nervous [for this season], but we’ve got a bunch of rules and policies in place to mitigate exposure.” 

Although it will be difficult, we must push through and follow the guidelines put in place so that everyone can stay safe. In the words of Dr. Ayotte, “We are very excited to be able to come back to school for in-person learning and have the opportunities to compete again in athletics and activities. But if we do not follow these guidelines, that may be short-lived.”

For more info about the 2020-2021 sports seasons go here.


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