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2020 Election Update

Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris celebrate their victory with their staff.

After a very suspenseful wait, the 2020 election results are finally here

In Missouri:

  • Ann Wagner won the House District 2 seat
  • Mike Parson won the gubernatorial race
  • Mike Kehoe won the lieutenant governor race
  • Eric Schmitt won the Attorney General race
  • Jay Ashcroft won the race for Secretary of State
  • Scott Fitzpatrick won the state Senate seat
  • Patricia Breckenridge won the Missouri Supreme Court seat 
  • Jo Doll won the State House District 83 seat
  • Kurt S. Odenwald and Robin Ransom Vaccoy won the Missouri Court of Appeals seats 
  • Missouri Amendment 1 did not pass 
  • Missouri Amendment 3 passed

In Brentwood:

  • Proposition one passed


  • Joe Biden is the projected winner of the presidential election

While not many Brentwood students were eligible to vote in the election, many of them have opinions about the results.

Junior Nirmita Vijayalingam said, “I’m so excited that now we are going to have a president who actually believes in science. I’m also really excited about our first female vice president! She has definitely inspired many of the women in our country by being a female in power.”

Sophomore Joshua Kelley said, “I am nervous about those who lost. Both Trump and his supporters. I wonder how they are taking this loss. Trump went so far as to say that he was cheated and the election was a fraud. These are very powerful words, completely false but powerful. If enough people believe this, it could cause problems for us as a democracy. Mainly I am worried about how those who lost are taking it, and hope they don’t take any drastic measures.”

Many exciting things have come out of this election, and only time will tell what will play out.

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