Seniors 2021 Graduation Playlist


With graduation coming up, it gives the seniors a chance to look back on the last four years and reminisce. It’s important to look back and see how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown along the way. The best way to do this is by reliving our high school memories through music. I’ve created a playlist to help us time travel from freshman year all the way through to graduation night.

Click here to listen and follow along…

The first section of the playlist represents freshman year. It brings us back to being afraid of the upperclassmen, hanging out at the solar eclipse barbecue, and getting to go home early because of the snake escaping.

Freshman Year

The following section is sophomore year, one of high school’s most brutal. This reminds us of Ms. Rahamen’s geometry class, Senor’s rap battle in the gym, and getting our licenses.

Sophomore Year

Next up is Junior year. This year was a doozy. Classes got harder, the building was being torn apart, and just when we started to feel comfortable, the world gave us a six-month spring break in quarantine.

Junior Year

Finally, we reach senior year. We’re ready to get out of here and start the next chapters of our lives. This year has been a strange one full of ups and downs and unexpected adaptations. As much as we want to leave it all behind now, someday we’ll miss the good ol’ days of high school. Hopefully, this playlist can act as your mini time capsule of high school.

Senior Year