Fall Athletics Conference Selections


(from left to right) Jamaal Isaac (12), Zach Bredeson (12), Nick Phillips (11), Simeon Cooper (11), John Clay (11), and Louie Magee (11)

Congratulations to all of our fall athletes who won Conference Selections! These selections are chosen from the athletes in the South Central Athletic Association, or SCAA, which consists of Bayless, Brentwood, Crossroads, Hancock, and Valley Park.

For Girls Varsity Softball, Kadence Vick was named 2nd team all-conference in the SCAA as an infielder.

For Girls Varsity Volleyball in the SCAA, junior Haylie Minshall was named 1st team, and junior Jazzy Herrera was named 2nd team.

For Girls Varsity Field hockey in conjunction with the University City team, senior Mya Lucas was selected for 2nd team in St. Louis Area Small Schools.

For Boys Varsity Soccer for SCAA, senior Robert Lawrence was selected as Player of the Year, junior Nick Moran was selected for 1st team, senior Ian Lawrence was selected for 1st team, Francisco Zuluaga was selected for 2nd team, and sophomore Carter Bowman was selected for 2nd team.

For Boys Varsity Football, junior John Clay and senior Zach Bredeson were named 1st on offense. Junior Nick Phillips, junior Louie Magee, and junior Simeon Cooper was named 1st on defense. Senior Jamaal Isaac received an honorable mention. In addition to this title, Louie Magee was also named 3rd team for All State.