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Stuco crushes sales with this year’s Crush for a Crush

Yesterday was significant for more than just Valentine’s Day — it marked the Student Council’s most successful Crush for your Crush fundraiser with a total of 490 Crush sodas sold and delivered to the high school student body. Every year during the week before Valentine’s Day, StuCo members gather at the main entrance before school and the main high school hallway during advisory to sell Crush cans that will then be passed out on Valentine’s Day. Profts from the sale are partially used to support BHS’s Dance For a Difference in spring, with any leftover money donated to the same charity.

Norah Woodman (12) helps her fellow Student Council members by labeling a Crush can. (Emelda Forney)

This undertaking required the Student Council Cabinet to pitch in, operating tables throughout the week.

“StuCo members signed up in a Google sheet on what days to work and just showed up at the designated location and got people to buy Crushes. I mainly just hopped in and out to see what needed to be done,” said Student Council Secretary Kevin Ou. “I put up posters around the high school to inform people about it and help sell Crushes.”

Crush sales ended on Monday, the 12th, with BHS students buying over twice as many cans as the number of students in the whole school. More than one hundred of the cans went to one student, freshman John Li. “I thought it was a good prank,” said Li when asked about his surplus of cans, “It was cool.”

Freshman John Li has his 100+ Crush cans delivered to his advisory.
Freshman John Li has his 100+ Crush cans delivered to his advisory.

Because Student Council doesn’t sell the cans directly to buyers, instead waiting to deliver them on Valentine’s Day, one task that takes up a significant amount of time is labeling the cans for delivery. Labeling the cans required every member of the Student Council to gather in the Flex Lab and pitch in.

“A lot was going on. Everyone was taping labels on, stacking boxes, filling bags; it was a whole team effort,” said Student Council member Emelda Forney, “There ended up being so many bags in the end!”

Sophomores Byron Jenkins and Michael Ventimiglia pose with their Crushes.
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