BHS Wrestling Owns the Mat


Amelia Van Uum

As Miller Chantharasy (10) shoots his opponent by grabbing him around the knees, his opponent defends himself by sprawling.

Madison Pierce, Staff Reporter

This winter, Brentwood’s girls’ wrestling team has doubled in size, growing from 4 wrestlers who competed last year to 9 this year, 5 of whom are brand new to the sport. The team is off to a strong start with everyone’s good attitude and the ability to learn quickly. The bulk of the new wrestlers is freshmen, meaning the future of girls wrestling at BHS is bright. 

Although the boys’ team is still much larger than the girls’, as it has been historically, this year’s boys ‘ team is also quite new with 13 newbies. The boys’ squad graduated 8 seniors last year, so although this year’s team looks strong, it is also somewhat of a rebuilding year. 

Danyielle Wren, a sophomore, is both new to BHS and to wrestling. Before her first match, she said, “I’m very nervous since it’s my first year.” However, that very next day, she went on to win. Good job Danyielle! Another new face to the team, freshman Nolan Schulz, said, “I’m excited to try out a new sport, and I think that the coaches are doing a good job of teaching us and introducing us to the new moves and how to wrestle.” 

With several matches now under their belts, some of their opinions on the season have changed. Since participating in a few matches, Wren said, “I feel like it was a lesson on how far I have come and what I need to improve on. It teaches me that I need to raise my stamina and strength. It was just a huge lesson overall.” For Schulz, he is struggling to balance the time commitment of the sport but is still enjoying it a lot. He said,  “It feels like I have no time outside of wrestling but I love it and want to keep going.” 

Stay tuned for more wrestling updates as the season progresses.