CC’s Vegan Chick’n Sandwich: A Spiritual Awakening


Eat me in St. Louis: Nick Main

The glorious vegan chicken sandwich by CC’s Vegan Spot. This photo was taken by Nick Main of the food blog Eat me in St. Louis.

In my nearly six years since eating real meat, I have so rarely encountered a plant-based alternative that makes me worried I accidentally ordered genuine animal products.

However, the grilled chick’n sandwich from CC’s Vegan Spot accomplished this rare feat. Vegans and non-vegans alike rejoice in this marvel of a sandwich.

The texture combination of crispy facon (fake bacon), fresh crunchy iceberg lettuce, and a soft whole-grain bun with a perfectly grilled and tender chick’n breast was both delicious and nostalgic. A taste that a chick’n sandwich hasn’t accomplished since I consumed actual animal products. 

I have spent my time as an herbivorous person trying to perfect the sensations of real chicken, and so rarely have I been able to make or find an alternative that lives up to the standard of the real deal. I have seen many low points along the way, like Gardien’s frozen Crispy Chick’n Strips, for example. Gardein’s rendition of an age-old classic like the plain, breaded crispy chick’n tenders was horrendous at best. The dry, stale breading sandwiching the disappointingly flavorless and meager chick’n nuggets could be the highlight of a story titled “World’s Saddest Vegan Foods.”

However, the search for godly chick’n wasn’t all bad. I do have to give credit where credit is due; thus, I must take a moment to praise SweetArt STL too. The only other restaurant that has mastered, nay perfected, the vegan chicken sandwich. 

I figured my journey was made after finding the saintly chick’n creation at SweetArt. There was no longer any need to seek out a tasty chicken alternative. However, when I discovered this new all-vegan joint CC’s, just off Chippewa Street, I knew I had to check it out. And I am beyond glad that I did. 

When you walk into CC’s, you get an eclectic but cozy vibe. The tables and chairs look like they belong in an Italian restaurant on the Hill. The wall decor, however, seems like it came straight out of a soul food restaurant in New Orleans. While the visual vibe of the restaurant is somewhat perplexing, the aroma is heavenly– enough to make one feel like they are in a cartoon with the smell of fresh, vegan delicacies visually wafting around them. 

Prompt and efficient service can be expected as a side to your entree, too, as my food was ready within 10 minutes of ordering. When they called out “Order for Eloise,” I believe I actually floated up to the counter to retrieve the meal. 

Optimistic yet skeptical, I opened the compostable paper bin only to be greeted with a sandwich sat on a throne of lettuce and worship and a side of gorgeously seasoned crinkle-cut fries.

I have never felt a connection to a higher power, but I believe that eating this chick’n sandwich will be the closest I will ever get to god.

The flavors were so fresh they could have been freshly-picked from a produce garden. The fries somehow accomplished the impossible task of being the prime temperature. Everything, truly everything, about the meal was pure heaven and bliss. 

It wasn’t really about the actual chick’n sandwich for me but more of the hope that someday I could relive my childhood days of real meat-eating. I thank CC’s Vegan Spot for creating my new christ. I will definitely be returning to the adorable little spot off Chippewa Street.

For your own spiritual awakening, check these places out for yourself:

SweetArt STL: 2203 S 39th St, St. Louis, MO 63110

CC’s Vegan Spot: 4993 Loughborough Ave, St. Louis, MO 63109