A New Look For Brentwood High School

The original entrance to Brentwood High School in the middle of the two year construction process.

Jonas Wall and Zach Horton



Brentwood High School has been a cornerstone of the community for decades. The last significant addition to the building was the construction of the library, science labs, and additional classrooms completed in 1969. After 50 years, brand new renovations to both buildings finally began this past summer. The badly needed improvements will include renovated classrooms, a new gym, and a new entrance to the school.

According to Paul Price, project manager, the construction began in June immediately after cleanup. He predicts that the lengthiest task of the project will be the new entrance and renovations to the existing buildings.

Price says that the most challenging part of the project is knocking out the walls of an older building. Not knowing what you will find behind the walls of an older building is the most exciting part of the job for him. 

There were multiple setbacks at the beginning of the project due to having to seal off parts of the building for asbestos removal.

When asked about safety, both Assistant Principal Stephen Ayotte and Price said their biggest concerns are student and staff safety during construction of an occupied building. 

Dr. Ayotte says that students and staff are adapting well to the temporary inconvenience of the whole project. The construction team is receptive to comments from the high school community.`

Multiple teachers have had to move their classrooms out of the North wing due to safety concerns about construction on the second floor. Math teacher Kaitlynn Jansen said, “It was pretty stressful during the move; it was a short timeline.”

Despite all of the inconvenience, students and staff are excited about the new improvements and additions. New classrooms will be specialized to fit the needs of teachers. “They are trying to make it more individualized for the teachers and the students,” said Jansen.

Sophomore Justine Favazza said, “I think having updated facilities is going to be great, but in the meantime, construction is kind of a pain.”

The estimated time for the project includes 4-5 months for the new science area and 6-7 months for the gym. The entire project is expected to be completed by August 2020.