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Celebrating our senior wrestlers!

With the season coming to a close and Senior Night quickly approaching (this Thursday, Jan. 25th), we wanted to take a second to appreciate our seniors as they begin to prepare to wrestle for the last time in their high school careers.

Norí Carreon Saenz (Wagner Photography )

Norí Carreon Saenz started wrestling this year; she joined out of curiosity and has found love for the sport. She was a cheerleader in the fall and was going to continue cheering, but wrestling won her over. Despite her lack of experience, Carreon Saenz won her first match and tournament, Lady LongHorn, where she competed. “My team, they’re so nice, they’re like my sisters,” says Carreon Saenz.“Even if I fail I’ll still have them.” Carreon Seanz recalls her favorite memory from the season: “It was in my first wrestling match when Coach Abshier yelled at me to stop apologizing to my opponent.” She wants her teammates and future wrestlers to know, “It’s ok to not be perfect on your first try.”


Danyielle Wren (Wagner Photography

Danyielle Wren has been wrestling since her sophomore year, only joining because of Coach Hughes and his “constant persuasion.” What was originally a reluctant surrender soon turned into a passion, and she has only continued to improve her skills. Every day brings a new core memory or a stronger bond with her teammates for Wren and she wouldn’t have it any other way. What keeps Wren motivated is, “…seeing the outcome. I am working on going to state this year, and so, I picture myself at state and that keeps me going and wanting to do better.” This year, Wren placed for her first time in the Saint Charles Tournament, ranking fourth. Wren is undecided on whether or not she will continue wrestling in college; she’d like to be able to continue the sport, but there’s a chance that won’t happen. Wren leaves behind the advice, “If you are truly committed to the sport, don’t let your losses or bad days bring you down. It will get better.”


Miller Chantharasy (Wagner Photography)

Originally joining to keep himself busy during the winter, Miller Chantharasy stuck with wrestling all four years of high school. Chantharasy loves the sport, especially as his skills continue to improve. He  has a strong bond with his team much like the other senior wrestlers, and his favorite memory was, “this one time where we all got into a sauna and did a sauna dance.” He is motivated to keep wrestling by his father because of how much he supports and pushes Chantharasy. Chatharasy is unsure if he’s going to continue his wrestling career, but he leaves his teammates with the advice: “Don’t quit, just keep going.”


Although the team will dearly miss their seniors, we wish them luck in all their future endeavors! Make sure you come out and support them this Thursday (January 25) for one of their last home matches!

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