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Scholar Bowl wins! What’s next for Brentwood’s star scholars?

Image via Wagner Photography
The Scholar Bowl team! Top row from left to right: Persephone Orion (11), Kylie Spears (10), Elizabeth Butler (10), Mark Butler (12), Alexander Tung (10), Michael Ventimiglia (10), Mrs. Musterman; Bottom row: Kellie Mcgee (11), Jessica Fallon (10), William Reeds (11), Rohan Dixit (10), Alus Jones (11), Luc Jones (11), Zachary Nelson (11), Nicholas Reeds (11).

Today (April 23rd) at 5 pm, Brentwood’s Scholar Bowl team will be competing in the quarterfinals of the state championship tournament being held right here at Brentwood High School! If the team wins the quarterfinals today, they will move on to the semi-finals which will be on May 5th. 

But before we get ahead of ourselves, The Nest wants to take a moment to celebrate the Scholar Bowl’s recent district championship win. On April 13th, BHS’s Scholar Bowl team showed incredible knowledge on multiple different topics in a fierce head-to-head competition which won the team a district championship. For the past few school years, our team has won second place in districts, but this was their first time clenching the sought-after first-place title since 2019. 

For the district competition, the team drove about an hour and a half to Clopton, Missouri, to face off against teams of similar sizes and distances away from Brentwood. The first 3 games were an intense battle of close calls, but Brentwood ended up winning all three. The games following that were almost the same level of difficulty, but once again the team pulled through. According to senior Mark Butler, “Our team did well in every category, but Language and Fine Arts questions were probably the hardest. We did especially well in Mythology, and our winning question was centered around Norse Mythology.” The team is currently hard at work studying poets and poems before state competitions. 

Stand-out competitors at districts were Mark Butler (12) and Alex Tung (10). As individuals, both students made it to all-conference, meaning that they were recognized as some of the best players in the entire competition. Not only this, but they were both in the top 5, with Butler named 2nd in the conference and Tung named 5th. “I am very proud of where we are as a team and how well my fellow teammates performed, especially Alex,” said Butler. “I have a lot of hope that everyone will continue doing really well.” 

Good luck to our Scholar Bowl team today!


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