Brentwood’s Food Drive

Katelyn Kimmel, Writer

Every year, Brentwood High School has a canned food drive to give a meal to those who need it during the holiday season. “Our annual canned food drive is a super important event. We are able to help families near and far and give them the support they need for the holiday season,” explained Student Council President and Brentwood senior, Madison Lawrence. Students and teachers bring in cans to donate, and Student Council collects them. “The canned food drive that we have here is through the support we have from the Brentwood Community,” says high school teacher Kelly Javier.

Kelly Javier
Last year there were over 2,000 food items as well as hundreds of dollars in donations

Each of the schools in Brentwood collect cans, money, and gift cards that will be given to local families for Thanksgiving. Over the years, this food drive has gotten thousands of donations. “Trader Joe’s helps us with this activity; they give us their really great bags, and as far as I can remember, each of the families receives ten to fifteen bags of food,” exclaimed Javier. This food drive is significant because, as a community, we need to help each other out and bring as many donations as possible, even if it’s just two or three. If every student only brings a few, it would help tremendously. Cans are going to be collected from advisories on Thursday, November 21st. Make this Thanksgiving a happy Thanksgiving!