Opinion: Who is BHS voting for?

Super Tuesday is happening tonight! Lets hear who BHS wants in office.

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Super Tuesday is happening tonight! Let’s hear who BHS wants in office.

Ben Haug, Writer

With Super Tuesday voting tonight, the 2020 election is at the front of many students’ minds. Young voters are key to the upcoming election, so it is vital that students have an understanding of who they would like to be president and why. Tonight, the democratic candidates trying to get delegates are Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Tulsi Gabbard, and Mike Bloomberg. The Republican candidates are William Weld and Donald Trump. So, who does the class of 2020 want to be the next president?

Before the next opinions are read, it is important to remember that every individual has different beliefs and ideas. In order to be productive and valuable young voters, it is crucial to value respect when discussing the upcoming election. The first opinion comes from senior Lydia Smith. Smith claims that she will vote for, “anyone but Trump.” This opinion is shared by a few other seniors as well, including Madison Lawrence. Some seniors already have a specific candidate in mind. One of these students, Edris Roman, states that she would like to see Bernie Sanders in office. William Ma shares this opinion with Roman. On the contrary, Kathryn VandenHoek and Sofia Flores both support the political views of Joe Biden because of his moderate stance and their belief that he will be able to beat the Republican nominee. Recently, a few candidates have dropped out of the race including Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, which has led both Vandenhoek and Flores to support Biden. With Super Tuesday elections approaching at a rapid pace, these seniors are hoping to see their favorite candidates at the top of the polls.

Currently, Bernie Sanders has the most delegates followed closely by Joe Biden. Tonight will allow for major development in this tight race. Yesterday, NPR reported, “Top administration national security and intelligence officials released a joint statement today warning voters in tomorrow’s primaries that foreign actors are still trying to influence U.S. elections and that they should be on the lookout for false or misleading information intended to disrupt voting.” So as BHS seniors get ready to vote either next Tuesday or in November, it is important to stay informed and stay active in the political world.