“Her” by Shekinah Reed


Shekinah Reed

Senior Shekinah Reed is a talented writer who is not afraid to show some expression

Shekinah Reed, Student

Her jaw

Is strong

& set

Like my people


We stood up

& balled up

A fist


Her lips

R thick & when they move

She speaks only of

How proud she is

How proud my people R

Proud of how far we have come


Her nose

Is wide

& nostrils flared

4 whenever she thinks

She thinks of Grandma Rose

& her fight 4 justice


Her cheekbones

R high & sharp

Holding up

The lousy weight

Of the world


Her eyes

Twinkle & brighten

4 she knows

How grateful her children will B

Her eyebrows

R thick & arch 

When she laughs just because she’s free 2 do so


Her hair

Is beautifully thick & only a wide-tooth can give it life


Her skin is shaded & that shade is what gives her purpose