Art Competition Results: Week One

In an unexpected turn of events, the first part of The Nest’s art competition received well over 200 votes!

Buckley’s winning painting with 130 votes in the art competition.

Out of that chaos came two front runners; however, one piece of art was able to take the lead. The creator of that painting was senior Caroline Buckley. Buckley explains that the inspiration behind her painting was her sister and the paints she brought back from college. These paints allowed Buckley to create her wonderful piece of art for the competition. Her biggest cheerleader was her sister who allowed her to use the paints and also submitted a vote for Buckley’s creation. During quarantine, many students have turned to painting to entertain themselves. Buckley states that she is doing the same because painting is, “very therapeutic.” When asked about future creations, Buckley said she is currently working on a piece for her grandmother. While Buckley loves to paint during quarantine to pass the time, she claims that she enjoys drawing more. Nevertheless, Buckley was able to take home first prize in the first art competition with a painting! The Nest is looking forward to seeing more art from Buckley in the future!

Anderson’s second-place winning piece of art with 115 votes in the competition.

Much like Buckley, other students submitted wonderful pieces of art to last week’s competition. Close behind Buckley came junior Lydia Anderson with 115 votes. Hoping to take first place, Anderson has already submitted art for this week’s competition! Many other artists have submitted pieces as well. Voting for the second edition of The Nest’s art competition will take place this weekend, April 17th-April 19th. Votes can be placed on Brentwood’s yearbook and newspaper instagram page, @brentwood.journalism. Following the results of this week’s art competition will be a photography contest next week! Check back on Monday for more information!

The Nest’s art plaque for weekly winners of the art competition! The first artist featured is Buckley.