The Nest’s Weekly News Roundup

Emelda Forney, Staff Reporter

This is the Nest’s weekly roundup, where you will find a brief recap of what happened this week locally, nationally, and globally. Here is this week’s news: 

St. Louis County News:

The first shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine are expected to arrive in St. Louis County by the end of the week. Read more about who will get the vaccine at First batch of COVID-19 vaccines expected within days in St. Louis County on 5 On Your Side.


National News:

President-elect Joe Biden sets ambitious goals to try and curb the spread of COVID-19. Read more about his plans for vaccinations at Biden sets ambitious goals for pandemic response in his first 100 days on the New York Times.


Global News:

The U.K., which was one of the first western countries to authorize COVID-19 vaccines, is now telling people with a “significant history” of allergic reactions that they shouldn’t receive the new vaccine until further investigated. This recommendation comes on the heels of two allergic reactions that happened on the first day the vaccine was distributed. Read more at UK investigates possible allergic reactions to COVID-19 shot on ABC News.