Rant or Rave? Issue 3


With inauguration day quickly approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to rave about the excitement around having our first female vice president!

Political stances aside, I think feminists everywhere can agree that this historical election is undoubtedly electrifying, having seen a female figure of power emerge victoriously. Whether or not you agree with Kamala Harris’s stances, it is beyond important to recognize and praise the rise of a woman into the heart of the White House.

Feminism has been such a large movement, especially in American politics. Since America’s very beginning, feminists have been fighting for equal representation, especially in politics. Think of the suffrage movement. We were fighting for the right to vote, and now after 45 former presidencies, we finally get a female vice president. And a woman of color at that!

Although it took far too long, this phenomenal growth is astounding and deserves to be raved about over and over again! To think we came from fighting for the right to even participate in an election to now seeing a woman at the right hand of the President. Next thing you know, one of us will be the President. 

So thank you, Kamala Harris. Thank you for being a modern symbol of feminist growth. And thank you for being an icon of feminism for young feminists everywhere to idolize.