STUCO’s Picture Perfect Plans


Chaim Duffe-Holmes

Vice President of Stuco, Amelia Ayotte (Left); President of Stuco, Maya Sabeh (Center); and Stuco sponsor and math teacher Kelly Javier (right) throw up some jazz hands to celebrate the many projects that Stuco accomplishes each year.

Eloise Ayotte, Assistant Editor

Prom can be added to the list of things that COVID has changed, but Brentwood’s student council refuses to let COVID take prom away wholly. 

This year, rather than a traditional formal dance event, STUCO plans to host a gallery walk for seniors to take a trip down memory lane. An homage to the class of 2021 through photos. 

As of now, the event date is subject to change but is tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 7. It will be located throughout the school and on the field and is only open to the class of 2021. A signup sheet will be available for time slots to ensure no one is overcrowded. There will be music, entertainment, and of course, the show-stopping tour through time in image form. 

STUCO is also asking for help with this event in the form of your pictures. If you have any pictures of the class of 2021 from kindergarten through their senior year, please send them to [email protected], or send them to a STUCO member. Also, if you have any old yearbooks, again from kindergarten to now, consider letting STUCO borrow them for pictures and then promptly return them to you. 

We here at The Nest are excited to see STUCO pull off such an innovative event!