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Get pepped for the HOCO assembly


After a much too long wait, pep assemblies are back at BHS!

The much-awaited homecoming pep assembly is during 4B on Thursday the 23rd. Forget about last year’s virtual assemblies and meetings; this pep rally will have tons of games, activities, and clubs to hear from.

These events will include a boys volleyball game, the class officer relay race, the powderpuff football game, and club tables. There is a club table for just about every topic in school you could think of. A few favorites by students are FCC, Robotics, and debate.

As this assembly kicks off the homecoming weekend, the homecoming court royalty will be announced during this rally. Get ready to get in that school spirit, and help kick off Brentwood’s school year!

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Sammy Morton
Sammy Morton, Staff Reporter
Sammy (she/they) is a senior at Brentwood High School. They enjoy writing about life, sleeping in, and streaming on twitch with friends. Their favorite thing to do is yell at little kids on Minecraft servers and spend copious amounts of time on Youtube.

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    Skylar SchoenbergSep 22, 2021 at 8:29 am

    I love you Sammy!