The Nest’s Definitive Disney Princess Rankings, part 2


Hailey Anderson

Original illustration by Hailey Anderson.

Finn Schuh, Former Staff Reporter

Today’s “The Nest’s Definitive Disney Princess Rankings, part 2” is brought to you by The Nest alumnus and What’s Poppin’ founder, Finn Schuh.

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For your reading pleasure, I decided to rank all 14 of the Disney Princess movies from worst to best based on the characters, story, and soundtrack in an 8-part series. As a bonus category, I’ll also include how many times I cried during each movie. 

Before I begin, I would like to clarify that this ranking is only going to include the 14 traditional Disney Princess movies. There won’t be any sequels, spin offs, or movies that happen to include princesses like Wreck It Ralph or Atlantis. I guess there could be potential spoilers ahead, but honestly, if you haven’t seen most of these movies yet, that’s your fault. 

12. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

I don’t have a lot to say about this movie. Honestly, it’s just incredibly boring, and Snow White’s voice is very annoying to listen to. All the dwarves are stupid and irritating, too. The villain is pretty solid, I guess. The songs are alright, but nothing special. The prince is a creep since Snow White was fourteen in the movie. 

Like, 2.5/10, because it was just okay. It’s better than Brave since the whole movie was just … kind of a bummer. I wasn’t expecting anything from it. Okay, let’s move on; I don’t want to talk about this movie anymore. 

11/10. Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella

I was having a lot of trouble ranking these movies because I can’t really decide which one is better.

Both of them have generic characters; the princesses both sing to animals and get help from fairies, the princes have no real identifying qualities, and both of the villains are girl bosses with an agenda to ruin the princesses’ lives just because they can. I do enjoy Maleficent more than I enjoy Lady Tremaine, though, because Maleficent is just cooler. She can do magic — yes, I know that Lady Tremaine also does magic, but that’s in the third movie, and we’re not factoring in sequels here — and she turns into a dragon which is pretty rad. 

But I digress.

Both of the stories are solid, yet predictable. I enjoy watching both of them, mainly for nostalgia purposes, but neither of them is incredibly exciting.

If I had to place one above the other, though, I think Cinderella is more entertaining. The soundtrack is better and much more memorable — I don’t think I can name one Sleeping Beauty song off the top of my head. Plus, Cinderella has more iconic scenes. I think if I wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty, I would probably just watch Maleficent instead.

They both get a 4/10, though. Maybe my opinion will change one day, but right now, Sleeping Beauty is in eleventh place, and Cinderella is in tenth.

9. Raya and the Last Dragon

I’ve already given my opinion on Raya and the Last Dragon. I gave it a 5/10 in my last review, and I’m sticking with that. If you want to hear more about it, go read my Raya review. I really don’t like this movie.