Art-ish: Five Minute Food Crimes

Oscar Karlen, Staff Reporter

The internet is full of arts and crafts: simple, complex, and asinine. You’ve probably seen or at least heard of the bizarre “life hacks” shown daily by Youtube channels like 5 Minute Crafts, such as reusing the first few sentences of your column over and over again. In Art-ish, I do them to see whether or not they’re worthwhile at all.

Speaking of 5-Minute Crafts, this article will cover two food-related “crafts” from the channel. They are from a video entitled “RAINBOW HACKS AND CRAFTS.” The two crafts, rainbow milk and rainbow grilled cheese, seemed very doable.

The rainbow milk involved dipping a wine glass in molten chocolate and covering that in candy. In theory, the colors on the candy were supposed to leak into the milk in the glass, but they didn’t. It was ultimately a waste of time and chocolate.

The grilled cheese went a bit better, in that I actually did get something close to what was advertised, but the ultimate product seemed too drenched in food coloring to eat safely. However, it did look very nice, and the way the multicolored cheese was arranged reminded me of a pride flag, which was pretty cool. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend making either of these, but the rainbow grilled cheese is definitely the better choice if you want to do one. 

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