Brentwood returns to field trips with the Webster University college fair

 Webster University had a college fair this past Tuesday, the 27th of September. All Brentwood juniors and seniors got invited to attend in hopes of helping them narrow the search for where they wanted to go to school and even discover what they wanted to do. While the field trip was technically for juniors, the senior class was also encouraged to go since they didn’t get to attend a college fair last year with Covid-19 restrictions. 

Brentwood senior Gianni Herdlick learned a lot from this experience. When asked if this was his first time at a college fair and if he realized where he wanted to go, Gianni said, “This was not my first time, and I don’t know where I want to go, but I want to go to an engineering school.” “Last year, I went to Missouri military school when I was in my military phase and wanted to do it.”

For BHS junior William Schuering, this was his first time attending a college fair. “It was nice being there with kids, you know, and feeling free to explore. It was nice that this helps you find where you want to go or what you want to do; it helped me get a better sense of what the colleges I’m interested in are offering, and it helped me find colleges that I looked at that I hadn’t previously considered,” he said. So it goes without saying that his plan is unchanged: to go to college.

Brentwood’s college and career counselor, Mrs. Diaz, also attended the event. “I think its always for students to interact with college representatives because they are the experts at those schools, so it can give you all the correct information when it comes to admissions, scholarships like what majors they offer,” she said. 

Being a student in college can be challenging, but it can become more manageable if you choose the right college or university, so make sure to come to the next college fair or sign up for one yourself.