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Meet Mr. Boorom!

Mr.Boorom working in Mr. Rieder’s room

The Brentwood staff has some new additions this year, and one of those new staff members is Mr. Boorom! Mr. Boorom is a resource teacher who primarily works within the Special School District. He works closely with students who need extra help and with teachers whom he assists in the classroom. 

Mr. Boorom’s love for teaching first sparked when he was in high school. “My science teacher made me really fall in love with teaching,” he recalled. Mr. Boorom is unique because this is his first year teaching, but not his first year at Brentwood. He worked as a paraprofessional last year, which means that he provided support to teachers and students in their classrooms. “I actually had my four-year teaching degree, but I couldn’t find any jobs with my degree, so I became a para” he remembered. “Then, I was persuaded to take the test to become a special education teacher, and I passed it with flying colors.” His transition from being a paraprofessional to being a full-time teacher had both its positives and negatives. Mr. Boorom states that the hardest part of it was the sheer amount of paperwork that he had to do when he became a teacher. “It’s a LOT more paperwork,” he said. He also reflects on the change in who he works with. “I got to be with one student last year. Now I’m with hundreds. It’s a difficult transition.” While such a change may seem startling, it ended up being rewarding. “I like how different my schedule is. I get to go see a bunch of different classes every day and I’m not stuck in the same class all day.” He also mentioned that his level of responsibility had increased. “I like that I have more responsibility, in a way. It makes me feel more useful and like I’m helping out more.” 

Mr. Boorom typically co-teaches, which means that he works with other teachers in their classrooms. For example, he works with Ms. Simon in her 3B Algebra I class. When he’s in her classroom, he’s usually helping out students who need extra assistance in things such as staying focused, language skills, and note-taking. “I love the way he interacts with the students and understands them, and he gives them the extra help they need in order to understand the material,” she said.

Along with his teaching job, Mr. Boorom is also a new dad! His first son was born on July 22nd, 2023. Outside of school, he spends most of his time taking care of his son and wife. But when he has time, he enjoys a variety of sports. “I really like bowling, golfing, and basketball,” he said. 

We’re excited to see Mr. Boorom take on a larger role in the high school, and we’re more than happy to have him! 


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