Staff Spotlight: Eloise Ayotte


Oscar Karlen, Staff Reporter

Eloise Ayotte is doing what she can to help people in the community, even with school and her job at Pet Supplies Plus. She has been volunteering to work with disabled children every Monday for the past three years and continues to do so now. The organization she volunteers with uses horseback riding as therapy. When asked what she felt about it, she replied, “It really makes you feel good.” She found the organization when she lived in Wildwood and refused to give it up when she moved.

Ayotte is fascinated by African wildlife, especially lions. She has a volunteer trip to a wildlife refuge in Zimbabwe planned for this summer if everything works out. When asked about what she wanted to do after high school, she said that she was planning to study law. She wants to work as an environmental lawyer protecting African wildlife and traveling for environmental consulting.

Ayotte is the assistant editor of The Nest. When asked about it, she said, “I love being the assistant editor. I have always loved to step into any and every leadership role possible, so helping run The Nest was just a natural step for me as a lover of writing and journalism.” She also recently won two Best of SNO awards for her articles, “Belly Buttons and Bylaws” and “Are school boards the next political battlegrounds?

The Nest is thrilled to have this leader on the team!