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A celebration of our girls soccer seniors!

Anna Jones (12) races to the ball, pushing her opponent away. (Kamille Jefferson)

Anna Jones, who has played soccer since first grade, mostly plays defense. With the small size of this year’s team being at just eleven players, Jones believes teamwork is more crucial than ever. “We need to work together better as a team, such as working up the field,” she said. On the field, she supports the team by using her strong kicks to move the ball up the field and loves spending time with the team. “I look up to Kensi,” Jones said, referring to sophomore Kensington Curd. “She’s so good at the sport.” 

While soccer isn’t Jones’ primary sport, she stays motivated to keep working hard because she gets to play with friends while also getting to stay in shape. Over her four years, her most fun season was when Coach Cory and Coach Robin coached the team. “When they coached our team, it was a fun year,” she said.


Cora Urhahn (12) prepares to strike the ball. (Kamille Jefferson)

Cora Urhahn plays left center-back on the soccer team. As one of the team captains this year, she hopes to use her strength and knowledge of the sport to help guide the team, as they have a lot of new players this year. “I’m thankful that new players came out this year to give us enough people so that I got to have a season my senior year,” she said.  

Like Jones, Urhahn has played soccer since first grade. “I used to play every day during recess in elementary school. I played in 8th grade for Saint Mary Magdalen,” she explained. Her interest in playing the sport came from her dad. “I’ve always thought it was a cool sport, and my dad ended up playing it. I will forever back up the fact that even if you don’t know soccer, it’s still enjoyable. The community, skills, exercise, and the competition,” she said. She hopes to continue soccer in college but won’t go for a scholarship. 

As for where she finds her motivation to keep working hard at the sport, Urhahn attributes God. “I enjoy the community he has blessed me with and playing in a small group,” she said.

Brentwood schools and the community appreciate these players’ hard work, motivation, and dedication to their sport these past four years.  

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Kamille Jefferson
Kamille Jefferson, Staff Writer
Kamille is a freshman at Brentwood High School. She has a huge passion for art and animation and would love to be an animator when she is older. She is a fan of most sports, including baseball, soccer, football, and hockey. She became inspired to draw and animate after winning an art contest when she was young.

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